About Us

TISHCO Properties

TISHCO Properties is a full service real estate provider for the Multifamily Housing industry. TISHCO Properties is comprised of a property management division, a general contractor, an investor management service, and a tax preparation department. Upon request, we can also provide architectural design and planning. For more information on our design services, please visit the Architecture page on our website.

TISHCO Properties, Inc. was incorporated in the state of Georgia in 1973. Our team is responsible for the management of 830 conventional apartment units, and 2,265 government financed units, on 56 separate properties throughout the Southern and Eastern region of the United States.

TISHCO Properties, Inc. has been in operation since 2001. The company was formed to develop new and/or acquire rehabilitation real estate property. Our officers are responsible for fully developing or renovating over 60 properties through additional subsidiaries. Combined, these projects represent over $150+ million in rural economic and community development properties. They include full profit, limited profit, tax credit, elderly housing and independent living facilities.

TISHCO Properties, Inc. was formed in the state of Georgia in 2001. Owned and operated by the same persons responsible for operating Lowndes Supply Company, the officers have a combined 77 years of experience in construction, renovation, and real estate development.