TISHCO Construction, Inc.

Company Profile

TISHCO Construction was formed in 2014 to carry on the responsibilities of its predecessor companies, in operation since 1970. In that time, these companies have been responsible for over $200 million worth of construction. The stockholders and officers have over 180 years of combined experience in construction, development, and real estate. TISHCO Construction is a licensed contractor in Georgia and Florida, with the capability to perform work in other states as well. TISHCO Construction is well poised to handle a wide range of projects, including conventional multifamily, congrecare, elderly and affordable projects offering unique amenities. TISHCO Construction’s expertise in rehabilitation helps the community breathe life into depressed projects and improve residents’ quality of life.

Our Team

Steven T. Johnson

Executive Vice President

Steve has his commercial contractor’s and residential contractor’s licenses in both Georgia and Florida. He graduated from Southern Polytechnic State University with a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management with an emphasis on General Construction and has his Georgia Real Estate License with 16 years of overall experience in real estate and construction.

Mary T. Johnson


Mary has over 35 years of experience in construction, development and property management. She is the managing member and responsible Principal for partnerships developing and maintaining full profit, limited profit, elderly and low-income housing properties. She has been involved and represented in more than 50 construction and rehabilitation projects. Mrs. Johnson is a Georgia Real Estate Broker who holds a Georgia Contractor’s License. She has served on boards for the National Leased Housing Association and Council, Affordable and Rural Housing and various community charity boards. Mrs. Johnson is a graduate of Valdosta State University with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree.

Randy H. Crosby

Vice President

Randy is licensed through the state of Georgia with a Residential General Contractor’s license. He has over 30 years of experience in property management, construction, and development. Mr. Crosby holds certifications in Fair Housing, Spectrum-FmHA 515 S.T.A.R., Spectrum CP3-Certified Tax Credit Compliance and is an Institute of Real Estate Management-Accredited Resident Manager (ARM). He also has an OSHA 30 hour safety card and is a blue card holder for Erosion and Sediment Control.

Scott Wainright

Director of Compliance

Scott has more than 18 years of safety management in the general/construction industry. He is the Safety Officer for TISHCO Construction and directs all safety compliance meetings and concerns. He has an OSHA 30 hour safety card and is a blue card holder for Erosion and Sediment Control. He is also certified in lead-based paint and asbestos removal. Mr. Wainright is also a Section 3 Certified Coordinator and is educated on all aspects relating to Section 3 based projects.

Project Experience

TISHCO Construction and its staff have an extensive track record of multifamily housing projects. TISHCO Construction and its predecessor companies have constructed or renovated more than 50 multifamily projects in several states, for a total project value of over $200 million. A sampling of our most recent developments is shown below.

Harbor Square Apartments, Hinesville, GA – 340 Units Currently Under Renovation

The Harbor Square Apartments project consists of 340 units, spread across three separate sites in Hinesville, GA. This project involves Federal and State LIHTC financing, as well as a HUD-insured mortgage. TISHCO Construction and its affiliated companies have managed the design, financing and construction of this project while maintaining strong occupancy and meeting all regulatory and compliance requirements of both LIHTC and HUD programs. The property will be completely refurbished, with nearly all systems and finishes being replaced.

Deerfield Apartments, Douglas, Georgia

The Deerfield Apartments project consisted of an extensive renovation of 72 multifamily units, originally built by TISHCO Construction’s predecessor companies in the late 1980’s. The scope of the project involved new roofs, exterior doors and trim, windows, complete kitchen renovations including cabinets and appliances, all new flooring, insulation, new mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems and new site amenities, as well as the addition of four entirely new units to the property. The project encompassed 62,500 square feet, renovated at a total construction cost of $5,030,141. This was a fully-integrated project for our company with development, construction and property management roles all fulfilled by TISHCO affiliates.

Summerville Gardens, Summerville, Georgia

The rehabilitation of the Summerville Gardens apartments in Summerville, Georgia included the extensive renovation of 77 multifamily units, originally built in 1978. This 70,000 square foot project involved new roofs, exterior trim, exterior doors and windows, complete kitchen renovations including cabinets and appliances, all new ceilings and flooring, new thermal insulation, new mechanical electrical and plumbing systems and new site amenities. The project was completed at a cost of $9,712,006 in September 2011. This was a fully-integrated project for our company with development, construction and property management roles all fulfilled by TISHCO affiliates.

Other Projects

Project Name Units Location Contract Amount Completion
Harbor Square Apartments 340 Hinesville, GA $10,711,266 2016
Deerfield Apartments 76 Douglas, GA $5,030,141 2014
Tanglewood Apartments 49 Blakely, GA $4,299,238 2012
Summerville Gardens Apartments 77 Summerville, GA $5,817,429 2011
Heritage Square Elderly Apartments 24 Pelham, GA $1,362,299 2009
Country Lane Apartments 32 Blakely, GA $1,752,241 2009
Rolling Oaks Elderly Apartments 24 Claxton, GA $1,222,500 2008
Village Green Apartments 50 Ashburn, GA $3,554,640 2008
Pine Point Apartments 40 Folkston, GA $2,666,500 2008
Lyons Apartments 64 Lyons, GA $4,577,672 2008
Azalea Court Apartments 12 Alma, GA $652,111 2007
Village Square Apartments 40 Lumber City, GA $2,068,587 2007
Cypresswood Apartments 28 Pearson, GA $1,314,284 2007
Wildwood Apartments 88 Tifton, GA $4,785,861 2007
Hunter's Glen Apartments 48 Cairo, GA $2,450,267 2006
Brierwood I Apartments 56 Bainbridge, GA $762,748 2006
Hidden Valley Apartments 200 Wentzville, MO $4,758,367 2005
Lakewood Apartments 24 Lakeland, GA $228,250 2005
Rolling Oaks Apartments 88 Claxton, GA $4,248,138 2005
Oakview Apartments 24 Wrightsville, GA $933,881 2004
Pine Forest Apartments 64 Cairo, GA $2,560,323 2002
Brierwood II Apartments 18 Bainbridge, GA $722,463 2002
Woodland Apartments 40 Ocilla, GA $1,477,213 2002
Heritage Apartments 52 Jackson, GA $2,546,253 2003